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Summer Oleksy, May 2017

I’ve been working out and doing CrossFit and CardioFit at Agoge for over a year now. When I first joined I was worried about my lack of fitness, but the staff and community were encouraging. I kept with it because for the price I got community, coaching (a lot like a personal trainer), and consistency.

Jakub Oleksy, May 2017

Been going here a year now and love it. Basically personal training with very caring people who make sure you improve and stay safe while doing it.

Ryan Heffernan, March 2016

Great coaches, solid programming, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Riley Bernhardt, June 2015

I’ve been at Agoge crossfit for a year now. Not only have I changed physically, I have changed mentally. The coaches and community at Agoge are the reason why I am who I am now. Being a teenager, I always want to try new things and lift heavy weights, but the coaches are right by my side to remind me about what I’ve learned and how to remain safe. I can now push through difficult things, and I can do anything I want if I try hard enough. Agoge Crossfit has taught me how to be the best person I can be, all while becoming a stronger person.

Julei Hinty, age 34, February 2014

Agoge is a great CrossFit gym, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just a beginner.  The coaches are very knowledgeable and help guide you every step of the way.  I’ve been training at Agoge for three years and throughout two pregnancies.   The coaches helped me modify the WODs so I could continue working out while pregnant.  Within 6 months of being back in gym after baby #2, I’m almost back at my pre-baby body.  Their programming is great and the WODs are always different, which helps if you bore easily and is also great for “muscle confusion”, which builds muscle and burns fat.  The facility is very spacious and with lots of equipment, so you’re not tripping over the person next to you.  The members range from beginners to extremely fit, and everything in between.  Great coaches, well-equipped facility and plenty of parking.  I highly recommend checking out Agoge.

Carl Perry, age 42, February 2014

I was growing bored of my normal gym routine and finding it difficult to make it on a regular basis.  I had plateaued in both my weight loss as well as improvements to my overall health.  A friend of mine had suggested I stop by a crossfit gym, but all the people I knew who had done crossfit were in amazing shape, far removed from where I was.  One Saturday I decided to stop by and see what my local crossfit gym looked like and see if it might be a good fit.  Mike Connolly, one of the coaches, answered a few questions, asked me to do a few movements (most of which I couldn’t do) and I signed up for their fundamentals course right there.  From the very first day, two very specific things impressed me: how helpful the coaches were and how inviting the members were.  In my class were a college student, an elementary school teacher, and a local business owner.  Every one of us was given specific feedback and focus areas as we went through the introduction classes.  The ability of the coaches to modify everything to each individual student’s needs (and make it a priority) impressed me from the very first class.  Fast forward a year and a half and I still love Agoge.  I’ve made significant strides in my overall health and can do things today that I never imagined I could do.  I’ve lost over 35 pounds, dropped 4 pant sizes, and increased my confidence in all aspects of my life.  The coaches have been a critical part of my success throughout this journey.  One of the things I was worried about with crossfit was injuring myself because I didn’t now anything about lifting.  The coaches at Agoge are consistently focused on maintaining correct form and not doing too much with each workout.  They do an amazing job of helping me push myself to improve, yet ensure I don’t injure myself during the process.  Finally, they help me maintain a well-rounded focus on cardio, strength, and skill.  Beyond the coaches, I find the community at Agoge amazing.  The other members of the gym are always there to help me through a hard workout or hard times and enjoy the special journey we are all on.  I’ve built strong connections with my fellow members and enjoy the camaraderie that is present at every workout.  They are a large part of why I’m excited to show up each day.   Since joining Agoge, I’ve been able to go from struggling to find a consistent, healthy approach to life to being in the best shape of my life.  If you are looking to make a positive change for your health, come to Agoge and experience the difference.  You won’t regret it.

Allan Criss, age 54, November 2013

I just wanted to thank you for working with me.  I know I goof around a lot but I do try hard and really appreciate all your help and coaching.  I love everything about the gym and would come every day if I could.  In the gym, I’m average at best, but out in the real world, I’m one of the fittest, strongest, happiest 54 years olds that I know and my goal is to stay that way for the rest of my life … you’ve made a huge difference for me.

Jack Huffman, age 39, October 2013

Kathy, you are such an inspiration to me it’s crazy.  I look forward to seeing you every time I come in.  You guys have really built a special place there and I am so happy I get to be a part of it.  My story is a long one but I just want you to know how appreciative I am of the time you spend to show me what I am doing wrong/right.  Thank you so much for everything!!!

Daniel Baird, age 26, October 2013

Thank you for letting me join the Saturday WOD and giving me a great workout. Your gym community was super welcoming and fun. The box was immaculate, clean and had nice equipment.  I love how tight your group is and would love to workout there any day.  If you or anyone happens to be in the San Francisco area around San Ramon, please drop in to my home box, Crossfit Drive.  So once again, thank you very much for the hospitality! 

Judy Thomas, age 72, August 2013

Kathy, you are in the perfect place for your “life-work”… you are such a fabulous coach… I watch you observing every single person… watching that they are doing things correctly – and more importantly – watching to prevent injuries … and you are so encouraging!!!!  No matter how old or how fat or uncoordinated, you keep people’s spirits going… We are truly lucky to be working with you!!!  Big thank you-s !!!!

Gen Takahashi, age 28, February 2012

From Zero to Hero in two months!!   I joined Agoge CrossFit Woodinville because I wanted to improve my physical fitness for a fitness test for a law enforcement agency.  I was at the point where I was passing, but if anything went wrong I would fail.  Joined the gym, and a month and a half later I scored EXCEPTIONALLY well, and made some skeptic Law Enforcement Officers that saw my improvement into believers.  I knew about CrossFit for nearly 6 years, but I was a skeptic for years.  I thought I’d give it a shot, and within 2-3 weeks I was seeing considerable improvement.  I am glad that I joined this gym because: 1) Extremely friendly coaches.  They will listen to your goals and advise you so that you can achieve them.  2) Flexibility in schedule.  Agoge has classes from 6 am to 7 pm throughout the day so you can stop by for a workout whether before or after work, and even during lunch!  3) Close knit community.  Everyone is friendly and you’ll get to know them really quick.  I enjoy the workouts not only for the fitness value, but the camaraderie built through the workouts is just as valuable.  4) Everyone cares!  The coaches and members alike will support you in achieving your goals.  Members come from all sorts of backgrounds, so there’s a lot of different experiences in the gym.  I’m sure you’ll learn something new that will help you reach your goals!!  I’m excited to see how much improvement I will be making in the future!

Johnny Petersen, age 30, November 2011

I LOST 60lbs at Agoge CrossFitand in 6 months all while building muscle mass.  I even got lower rates on my life insurance after dropping 105pts on my cholesterol level among other things.  In the last 5 years, I have joined multiple gyms and in the end the results were all the same.  The only thing lighter was my wallet, but Agoge CrossFit Woodinville is different, it WORKS!  I believe we get the results we desire because the workout we do is fun.  The coaches here have the eye to ensure you are doing what you can while using good form so not to injure yourself.  Your teammates (other members) bring the accountability, we push each other.  The groups are very diverse from a 70 year old woman to CrossFit teen programs for the highschool athlete.  I met Nick and Kathy, both owners and coaches at Agoge.  After talking with them at a network event I decided to check it out.  I visited the gym and was surprised, no machines!  Good old fashion work out using weights and what ever else you can think of.  Nick gave me a work out that took about 6 minutes and I was huffing and puffing.  It was simple and at a level I was comfortable with.  I had joined other gyms before and they all seemed the same.  They had a hundred machines with a hundred people, yet I was all alone never really getting a quality work out and with ZERO accountability.  I signed up for the fundamentals class at Agoge and made the commitment.  I had no real goals other than I wanted to drop some weight.  I was 248 lbs at this time (March 2011)…………. Today I’m 190lbs.  Seemingly endless energy.  My sons and I play for hours.  I think I wear them out.  Improved self confidence.  Improved self Image.  Don’t feel tired or worn down.  Better relationship with my wife and friends.  My work life is better, clients notice my positive attitude.  I am more efficient & focused.  I am stronger than I have ever been.  I look good naked 🙂  I feel good.  I get up in the morning eager to face the day.  I sleep great at night.

My wife joined.  She is 2 months into it and has dropped 3 pants sizes and is back to her pre-pregnancy size.  This took her over a year with our first child and she did it this time in only a few months!  She looks and feels great!  This is the change we needed and its FUN!!!  That’s why we come back again and again.  Thank you so much to Kathy, Tammy, Nick and Mike! and all our friends at Agoge CrossFit Woodinville.  -Johnny

Michelle Michaelson Long, age 55, April 2011

Never in a million years did I think that I would be doing Crossfit.  I’m 55, and was overweight and outta shape.  I had been led to believe that only “in shape” people could be “Crossfitters”.  Then I met Nick and my life changed.  I started in February taking the Fundamentals Class, and I LOVED IT!!  I could feel myself getting stronger, my body started to change, I started moving differently.  I have never changed so much so quickly.  I eat mostly Paleo, about 90% of the time.  I have lost 16.5 inches, I am more confident, I feel better about myself and the way I look.  I can hardly wait to see what lies ahead.  I have to say I have never met a nicer group of people, everyone that I meet at Crossfit is encouraging & positive.  Crossfit is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Thank-you Nick and the Crossfit Crew!!

Jana Thomas Cooper, age 39, October 2010

I have been working out at Agoge for 2.5 years, including during my entire pregnancy, and have had an awesome experience as a new CrossFit mom.  My newborn still comes to CrossFit, but now he doesn’t have to work quite so hard … he just takes a little nap during the workouts!

My instructor is absolutely amazing!  Kathy is 57 years young and her level of strength and fitness puts us all to shame, even the guys!  She is truly amazing and made for a wonderful pregnancy.  Now the trick is getting back to pre-pregnancy but I have one awesome teacher … Kathy is a real inspiration.

Prior to starting CrossFit, I was working out 3 one-hour sessions per week with a personal trainer.  After 6 months of this, I always felt really tired and had a hard time not only making it through the workouts but motivating myself to even show up.  Once I started CrossFit, I was only working out twice a week, typically for 30 to 45 minutes — yet after just a few months, people kept asking me if I had lost weight.  I was always surprised because not only was I enjoying my workouts, but I was spending less time and getting better results!!  The constantly-changing workouts not only kept me interested, but my body responded better as well.  Another great thing about Agoge CrossFit is that they welcome people of all levels and all ages.  I have the privilege of working out with my 69 year old mom …  Two and a half years later we still love coming, not only for the great workouts, but for the great group of people and phenomenal instructors!

Ryan Olson, age 38, October 2010

It seems like I have been looking for a program like Agoge CrossFit for my whole life.  I bounced among many different activities (running, mtn biking, soccer, swimming, wrestling), but they each seemed to be missing one or more of the elements I was looking for, i.e.:

–  A great intense workout
–  Variety with cardio and strength training
–  Very positive training, coaching, and motivation
–  Great group dynamics with uplifting encouragement
–  Competition
–  Results you can see with performance and your body
–  Last, but not least – a fun community

In contrast, CrossFit has them all.  And you can see the results — everyone at Agoge keeps getting stronger, leaner, and faster.  Agoge tailors its program to each individual, so you definitely don’t have to start as an elite athlete.  But you may well become one, if you put in the effort!  It’s funny … I don’t always recognize that I am in better shape in my mind.  I know I am and like it, but it usually becomes more obvious when doing an activity with my friends.  They look at me and say Ryan, you are killing me.  We slow down and things are good.

Su Chang, age 40, October 2010

I started looking at CrossFit when several of my triathlon friends recommended it as a strength training program. I know how important strength is to my training, both from an injury prevention perspective and from a speed perspective. The problem is, I get bored so quickly and easily when it comes to strength training. CrossFit sounded like the right solution with its constantly varying routines, competition, and camaraderie.

I tried out several other gyms before I found Agoge. With the other gyms, I was concerned by the lack of experience of the instructors and their lack of attention to proper technique. I saw several people use incorrect (and dangerous) forms and the instructor did not correct them. This concerned me greatly. When I tried out a session with Kathy at Agoge, I was immediately impressed by her constant attention to correct technique. Not only can she demonstrate the proper form, she can teach it and most importantly, show me how to correct my form. She’s anal retentive about correct technique but in a good way. With high intensity strength training, correct technique is so important.

I was also impressed by her understanding of biomechanics. I explained to her what was going on with my left shoulder. She understood the issue with my shoulder immediately. At each workout, she modifies workouts for me as needed. She is progressively and safely developing stability in my shoulders. I’ve only been working with her for a few weeks but I’m already noticing significant improvements in shoulder stability.

Steve Harwood, age 27, October 2010

In the 3.5 years I have been training at Agoge, my life has improved dramatically. Nick and Kathy’s combined expertise in strength and conditioning has made me leaner, stronger and faster than I have ever been before. Through seminars that have taken place at Agoge, I have also gained invaluable knowledge about healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. What has proved to be most rewarding, however, is the knowledge that I have gained while being a student of Nick and Kathy’s. Regardless of where I am in the world, or what equipment I have to work with, I know with absolute certainty that I can keep myself fit and healthy, which is what I believe to be the idea behind CrossFit.

Tricia Treacy, age 45, October 2010

There are so many “greats” to share about Agoge. I came to CrossFit April 2009, a mom of two who had been inactive for far too long. A good friend got me started at the 6am classes—first two days a week, and then I added the third a few months later. Kathy is the best trainer one could ever hope to find. She always seems to know when you need encouragement or when to push you to challenge yourself to the next level. The 6am class has grown in size, and the fitness levels range from those like me, just getting back into something, all the way up to the marathon runners and ironmen. Kathy always fits whatever workout she has planned for that day to the skill level of each person. She’s one of the reasons I keep coming back — now 1.5 years. The gym also has a great sense of community unlike anything I’ve experienced before. You actually get to know those around you — for support and good fun. Getting involved with CrossFit at Agoge is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time!

Kelly Quinby, age 22, October 2010

In this day, where most people find themselves lucky to have one family, I am blessed to have three: my blood family, my lululemon family, and my family at Agoge. My first day at Agoge still resonates very clearly in my mind. I had just turned 20 years old, with no clear direction other than finishing school. I thought I was in shape … until this crazy, ripped woman (Kathy) began flinging a kettlebell in demonstration of the WOD. Then pull ups. Then box jump burpees. Shit. I’m getting my ass kicked by someone over twice my age. What did I get myself into?

Within my dream job at lululemon, I’m known as one of two girls who are CrossFit crazy. We are proud of the bruises from tire flipping and our kangaroo skin Vibrams — guess I sipped too much of the Kool-Aid! Our goals are posted for all to see, and we are continually accountable for maintaining progress towards achieving them. My big, hairy, audacious goal is competing at the national level in Olympic Weightlifting, and I believe in my little heart of hearts that Nick and Kathy are the stuff dreams are made of!

I could say that my lifestyle changes were the product of necessity, or the result of blood, sweat and tears — thanks for the medicine ball to the face, Val! Or even the dogged determination to come back stronger after fracturing my tibia. But the truth is, I enjoy the pain. It will hurt. I need the hurt. I am willing to push the boundaries of my comfort level because of the amazing support system I have found at Agoge. Nick and Kathy will take your workouts from mediocrity to greatness. You, too, can lift in heels with Betty! I will continue to transform myself, discovering that ultimately, I am the keeper of my fate. It is inspiring to have the ability to change yourself. It is even more inspiring to be surrounded by empowering people who have the tools necessary for this kind of greatness.

Steevie Spencer, October 2010

As I approached my 40’s, I resolved to do basic work outs, hoping to maintain some of my fitness. A friend suggested I try Agoge, stating, “Nick and Kathy will change your life.” Until I started there, I thought it was impossible to get into better shape than I already was, since I surfed weekly and ran daily. But Kathy and Nick walked me through the basics of CrossFit and I quickly realized this was no basic strength training, but “new life” training. I love it!! My surfing has gone to a new level and I feel great! My fitness is better than in my 20’s, and I look forward to growing even stronger as I approach my 50’s.

The best part of my experience has been the community that is built into Agoge. Kathy and Nick have created a safe, happy and relaxed environment to work out in. They created a family of people who help, encourage, celebrate, smile, laugh and play together. It’s truly been a life-changing experience for me, and I highly recommend this opportunity to everyone.

Krissi Braymen, age 30, October 2010

I would say my favorite part about Agoge is the fun, positive and encouraging attitudes of all the members. It feels like a very supportive and motivating family of people, getting stronger together!  As for Kathy and Nick … anyone who works out with them wins. They have an amazing combination of wisdom, knowledge and strength which drives members to push their boundaries and achieve their goals!

Lori Poliski, age 45, October 2010

My friend Tricia encouraged me to try CrossFit. I have never been a “gym person” and in years past have signed up for gym memberships that were more like donations, since I rarely stepped foot into the gym. I used to play team sports and would rather be outside riding a horse than stuck in a gym. Then I had two kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy and uses a walker. All day, I was hoisting my five-year-old son up and down, carrying him, his walker or both. I started to have wrist pain and realized that if I was going to be a good mother in every way, I had to be a fit mother — so I tried CrossFit.

I get bored easily, so I really like that I never know what the workout will be that day. And Kathy the trainer is like a benevolent dictator… she has high expectations but is kind, instructive and encouraging as well. For the first time, I have been consistent with what I would call organized exercise. I go to CrossFit a couple of times a week since starting in January. I am not one of those people who naturally love to exercise, and have historically preferred to take my kids and dog for a long walk than to do 100 pushups. But I keep going back to Agoge because I like the people, the pace and the challenge.

Erik Moore, age 18, September 2009

I joined Agoge a little over a year ago and in that time I have changed from a boy to a man.  I was 17 when I joined and thought I was in decent shape, capable enough to excel physically in the military, however I was very wrong.  Quickly after beginning in CrossFit, the exercise method used by Agoge, I realized that any fitness I had before was not even comparable to the potential strength and endurance that I could gain from this invaluable program.  Over the last 13 months I have gained great agility, endurance, and mental willpower that have enabled me to do things I have never thought possible.  Nick Nibler and Kathy Price spent countless hours working with me to ensure that I was on the proper path in regards to my fitness and ensured my safety by constantly critiquing me.  I calculated it and my overhead press has increased by over 300%, my mile time dropped to a 5:30, and I can do more than 20 pull-ups in a row.  Bottom line is that this program works!  I became a stronger individual, so strong in fact that on June 29th 2009 I entered the United States Military Academy at West Point as a man capable of physical feats I never could have imagined.  I feel confident in my physical abilities and I feel that I can now lead by example physically and morally so that when I lead men into combat I will be able to help those men survive because I will not have to worry about the physical factor.  I have never experienced such strength and ability, it has absolutely changed my life and I owe it all to Nick and Kathy at Agoge.  This program is worthwhile to try, I strongly encourage an attempt for it has changed my life and it will change yours if you make a commitment.