Why CrossFit?

CrossFit blends functional movements from diverse fields (including gymnastics, strength & conditioning, weightlifting, running/rowing) and executes them at high intensity to achieve broad-based fitness.  As a means of enhancing overall health and slowing the debilitating effects of aging, CrossFit is unsurpassed.  The program is scalable, making it perfect for any committed individual regardless of age or experience.  We offer the benefits of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost.  Your coach creates a different workout each day that is carefully designed for maximum benefit and fun.  He/she then provides instruction, supervision and encouragement throughout the session.  But our classes are better than personal training because of the supportive community with whom you share the workout.  Our friendly members encourage and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and will keep you coming back day after day!

Why Agoge?

We offer a unique depth of experience as the 2nd CrossFit affiliate on the planet.  Our owners have decades of experience in health and fitness, and have trained hundreds of CrossFit clients and coaches.  We welcome beginners of all ages and fitness levels (ages typically 14-70+, under 14 with coach approval).  We emphasize safety and correct technique, so as to help you avoid injury and maximize progress toward your fitness goals.  Many of our members have achieved dramatic transformations in both fitness and physique.  Our facility is the largest & nicest in the region with lots of equipment and showers.  Classes are typically open to come when you like, with no advance reservations required.  Community is an important factor in selecting a gym, and visitors regularly tell us that our member community and staff are the most friendly and supportive they have experienced.

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